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At MJLBL, we offer a range services to meet customer needs. Used Oil Analysis by world renowned technology is one of the technical services that MJLBL is proud of. This service not only gives you a clear picture of the health of your machinery and lubricating oil but allows you to maximize efficiency of lubricant oil usage, and to plan maintenance requirements.

Used Oil Analysis can be carried out as a routine preventive maintenance which provides meaningful and accurate information on lubricating oil and on the condition of the machine as well. Proper analysis of oil can expose the degree of contamination, wear debris etc. from machinery. A trend analysis of oil sample over a period of time can easily determine the condition inside a particular machine, which can ease up decision making to help eliminate costly repairs in long-term.

Based on study, it is evident that, proper used oil analysis could help to protect costly equipment from possible breakdown as well as to reduce the total lubrication cost by 5 to 7% in a year. Today customers are leaning towards predictive maintenance practices depending on oil analysis to ensure equipment reliability, improve safety and reduction of costs. Regular accurate analysis of used oil samples will ensure benefits such as:

As part of technical service, we are providing the used oil analysis service at cost basis. For long-term business sustainability and serve you better we have introduced the used oil analysis program at our facility in terms of value addition to the customer with minimum cost involvement.

MJLBL has a world class Laboratory which participates every year in ASTM International Cross Checking Program to ensure the accuracy of its equipment and competence of the chemists to conduct various tests for oil properties.

For detailed Used Oil Sampling Procedure click here.

For details of Sample Oil Testing method followed click here.

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    • Interpretation/Recommendation on Oil Analysis Results
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